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Whether you’re pursuing financial goals or aiming to boost your credit, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive brokerage service provides easy access to diverse financing options, enabling you to secure funds and improve your financial standing.

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Why Debtsadhu?

If you are navigating the complexities of finding the right loan and lender in a crowded financial marketplace, Debtsadhu is your guide. We specialise in matching individuals with tailored loan options that suit their unique financial circumstances. Whether you are looking to fund a major purchase, consolidate debt or simply improve your credit profile, our dedicated team is here to streamline the process and connect you with the ideal lending solutions.


Debtsadhu helps you save time by working on your behalf and finding the lender to lend you the money you need.


Debtsadhu protects you from multiple credit checks by submitting your profile only to the lender that your financial profile fits to.


Debtsadhu helps you get the best possible offer from its lender's network, based on your credit and banking profile.

About Us

Established in 2020, Debtsadhu is committed to assisting individuals in obtaining loans and improving their credit. Through our trusted reputation and extensive network of lenders and industry partners, we connect people to the most suitable loan options available.

Debtsadhu has empowered thousands, securing millions in loans, fueling dreams, and fortifying credit. Our track record speaks volumes, unlocking financial potential and paving the path to success. Join us in the journey to financial freedom, where every dollar counts, and every dream becomes attainable.

What we Offer

Debtsadhu offers you various options to choose from based on your credit, requirements, and financial profile.

personal Loan

When financial hurdles arise, Debtsadhu is here with speedy personal loans as low as $100. Our offerings are adaptable to various credit scores and income levels, ensuring a dependable remedy for unforeseen circumstances.

consolidation loan

Debtsadhu makes managing your debts easier. We consolidate all your debts, whether they’re in collection or good standing, into one simple loan. This is perfect if you’re dealing with multiple monthly loan payments and want to make things simpler by having just one payment every month.


Debtsadhu helps you pay off your overdue debts and bills without taking out a new loan or incurring new debt. This is ideal for customers who are struggling to meet their loan repayment obligations and are unsure whether they can afford a new loan.


What is an unsecured loan?
An unsecured loan can be defined as the loan that a lender provides to a borrower without any legal claim to the borrower's assets in case of default. This means the lender has to depend solely on the borrower's financial capacity and creditworthiness for repayment.
What is a Car Equity Loan?
A car equity loan can be defined as the loan that a lender provided to a borrower against the equity of their paid off car. The borrower can keep driving their car and the car is just used as a security till the loan is paid back.
What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that I can borrow through Debtsadhu?
The minimum amount you can borrow as an unsecured loan is $100 and the maximum is $35,000. For a secured loan, the minimum is $2,500 based on the asset and there is no limit on the maximum.
Are these open loans?
Yes, these are open loans that you can pay back anytime you would like without a penalty.
Does Debtsadhu serve province in Canada?
Yes, Debtsadhu serves every province in Canada.

Financial Empowerment

Unlock Credit Building Opportunities with Debtsadhu. Begin a transformative journey towards financial empowerment and credit vitality through tailored loan solutions and expert guidance.

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Debtsadhu helps the audience to stay updated with all the latest news. We guide our audience on improving their score and getting rid of debt with educative blogs posts, information, etc. 

Our Testimonials

At Debtsadhu, we let our customers’ voice echo the authenticity of our commitment to assisting them. Their testimonials paint the true picture of our dedication to their financial well-being. 

Slide keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right Karen- BC You are so amazing. Thank you for your help. No one has ever offered me help in any way as you have done for me. You truly are a good person Karen- BC If you ever have any debt problem, please give Debtsadhu a call. I know for a fact that they will certainly give you the best solution they can, and trust me, Shiv, the owner himself, will not just hear your case, but he will take care of it as his own! Len- ON Slide keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right I have a great experience with debtsadhu, especially the guy named Shiv he was awesome. Thanks for everything you've done. If anyone asks how I've been treated, I will tell them I was treated like a King. Thank you very much. Walter - ON Dan - ON