Debtsadhu offers you various options to choose from based on your credit, requirements, and financial profile.

Unsecured Loan

Debtsadhu helps you get out of huge debt and build your credit by consolidating multiple collection debts into one payment unsecured loan. It works best for customers who have multiple debts in collections and want to come out of collections while building their credit.


Debtsadhu helps you get a quick, affordable loan by leveraging the value of your paid off car. It is best for customers who are not homeowners or don’t have the best credit  to qualify for an unsecured loan. This loan can help you pay off your collection debts or get a small loan for a personal emergency.

Credit building

Debtsadhu helps you build credit without taking a loan or adding a new debt. This works perfectly for customers who are looking to stabilize their credit and improve their score for better loan opportunities or to qualify for a mortgage in the near future.


What is an unsecured loan?
An unsecured loan can be defined as the loan that a lender provides to a borrower without any legal claim to the borrower's assets in case of default. This means the lender has to depend solely on the borrower's financial capacity and creditworthiness for repayment.
What is a Car Equity Loan?
A car equity loan can be defined as the loan that a lender provided to a borrower against the equity of their paid off car. The borrower can keep driving their car and the car is just used as a security till the loan is paid back.
What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that I can borrow through Debtsadhu?
The minimum loan amount that you can borrow as an unsecured loan is $500 and maximum is $15,000. For a Car Equity loan, the minimum is $2,500 and there is no limit on the maximum.
Are these open loans?
Yes, these are open loans that you can pay back anytime you would like without a penalty.
Does Debtsadhu serve province in Canada?
Yes, Debtsadhu serves every province in Canada.